Opened at the Winter Garden Theatre, London on September 11, 1924. 255 performances. Music by George Gershwin. Lyrics by Desmond Carter and Ira Gershwin. Book by George Grossmith and Guy Bolton. Book staged by George Grossmith and Charles A. Maynard.  Dances and ensembles by Laddie Cliff. Produced by George Grossmith and J. A. E. Malone. Cast included Margery Hicklin, Ernest Graham, Leslie Henson, Vera Lennox, Heather Thatcher, and Percy Heming.

In the wake of the tumultuous reception given to RHAPSODY IN BLUE in February 1924 and his last score for GEORGE WHITE’S SCANDALS in June, George Gershwin found himself once again in London, this time to work on PRIMROSE, a musical comedy for the English comedian, Leslie Henson. PRIMROSE proved a great success, and included the first publication of a Gershwin full score, though the show was so thoroughly English that it never had an American run. George did not have much time to bask in his newly-minted fame, as hard on the heels of PRIMROSE was LADY, BE GOOD!, a show that would cement his working relationship with his brother Ira.